X Ambassadors released a single called “Unsteady” a simple song that actually starts on the chorus (the catchy part of a song that repeats). The sound is chilling. Within a few lines of the chorus, I said out loud,” I can relate to this.” Immediately, I wanted to look up the lyrics and start singing alone with (singer). Funny thing is, the first few lines of the song, that I was identifying with, aren’t specific to any life event.

We’ve all been “unsteady” from time to time. We’ve all been in that desperate place, just needing someone to wrap you in a cocoon to keep you from exploding with unbearable uncertainty. Sam Harris’ voice is hypnotizingly vulnerable as he shifts from a melancholy falsetto to a raspy tone. A feeling of terrifying emptiness is expressed by using few words and instrumentals that focus on offbeat percussion rather than a guitar, piano or strings part.

The whole world is falling apart. The home that was once filled with love and security has become a smack  of reality for a child that just wants to be held. The speaker of the story calls for his parents. He begs them not to leave if they really do love him. It seems like the father is distracted by “flying” (possible alcohol or drug abuse), leaving the mother distracted by the mess he makes.


“Unsteady” could likely be the story of a child that is all too aware of his parent’s adult problems and longs for the stable, emotionally supportive home he once had.