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Bedroom Days Releases His First Album and It’s Like Leaving to Find Home

Matteo, who uses the stage name Bedroom Days, released his first album last month, It's Gone; You're Gone. The lyrics catch the artist's paradoxical experiences of leaving an old life behind to return back to his love of making music.... Continue Reading →


How Much Should You Improvise a Cover Song?

There is no need to replicate a song as a cover. Cover songs are a fun and entertaining learning tool for self-expression. The first step to making a cover song your own is to learn to play or sing it... Continue Reading →

Nine Reasons to Become a Singer/Guitarist

Does your alter ego strum and sing? Here's a list of the nine best reasons to learn to play guitar and sing. You LOVE music. You enjoy learning new things. You enjoy working towards a goal. Expressing yourself makes you... Continue Reading →

Three Ways to Rekindle a Passion

Sometimes we do something for so long or that it becomes a part of our identity. It's easy to take the magic in life for granted when we've become so used to the routine. Outside influences can overshadow how we... Continue Reading →

Why “Unsteady” is Probably Not a Love Song

X Ambassadors released a single called "Unsteady" a simple song that actually starts on the chorus (the catchy part of a song that repeats). The sound is chilling. Within a few lines of the chorus, I said out loud," I... Continue Reading →

Time Warping at Open Mic Night

Let's send some love to that open mic-er. Their cover song starts out invigoratingly upbeat. You can't wait to here the next riff. Suddenly, you've hit a time warp and the most rhythmically complex part of the tune sounds like... Continue Reading →

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